Your Privacy Matters

We don’t store sensitive data any more than is absolutely necessary.

We don’t store your location. When you’re using the app, it will use your location to show nearby stations and provide directions, but we don’t store your location or transmit it to any third parties.

We don’t store your email address. When you send us an email, it is deleted 30 days after the support ticket is closed.

What we DO share

In-app advertising – we use Google’s AdMob platform to deliver adverts to the app. We don’t allow personalised advertising, but your approximate location may be used to deliver locally-targeted adverts if you have Location Services switched on. Google AdMob Privacy Policy

Crash reporting – if the app experiences any issues, it will send a crash report to Bugsnag – which gives us reports on any app crashes and on which screen it happened. All information is anonymized, so all we see is the type of phone you’re using and the country you’re in. Bugsnag Privacy Policy

Push Notifications – we use OneSignal to send out push notifications. They use a unique ID that identifies the app on your phone, which isn’t connected to any of your personal details. OneSignal Privacy Policy

In-app purchases – we use RevenueCat to validate in-app purchases and subscriptions. They don’t receive any kind of personally identifiable information from our app. RevenueCat Privacy Policy

Event tracking – we use Mixpanel to track events like how many people a month share a trip or station, which gives us some insights into what to focus building on. Mixpanel doesn’t receive any personally identifiable information. Mixpanel Privacy Policy

We continually review which third-party services we use in order to make sure you’re getting the best privacy experience. You are our customer. The best way to protect your data is not to store it at all.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Thanks for using our app,
the Momego team

Last updated: 13 May 2024