Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, so we want to tell you exactly what data we receive when you use this app, and what we do with it.

Firstly, we don’t store your personal information. We don’t keep any server logs, or keep track of who is using our apps. When you look up bus and train times, or plan a trip, we send you the information – nothing more.

There are occasions where we come into contact with your personal information, like when you send us feedback. We collect your name, email address and location so we can answer your questions quickly. We don't use or share this information for marketing purposes, but your details may be stored on our email and helpdesk systems. If you don't want to be identified when you contact us, use the contact form on our website using a disposable email address.

We do share some information with third parties, which we'll outline below:

Crash reporting – we want to know if the app crashes when you’re using it, so if it does crash (sorry!), the next time you open it up, the app will send a crash report to Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center – which gives us reports on any app crashes and on which screen it happened. All information is anonymized, by the way, so all we see is the type of phone you’re using and the country you’re in.

Visual Studio App Center Privacy Policy

Analytics – we want to know where customers are using the app, so we can make sure we’re targeting the right cities and making sure we cover as much of the world as possible, When you open the app, and when you move from screen to screen, that information is sent to Google Analytics as part of a report. Again, we don’t know anything about you in particular, we just see reports of how many people are using the app, which devices they are using, and which countries and cities they are using the app in.

Google Analytics Privacy Policy

Adverts – we use Google’s AdMob platform to deliver adverts to the app. Your phone sends a unique ID that can be tracked from visit to visit so the adverts you see are better targeted to you. Your location is used for advertising purposes as well if you allow the app to use Location Services.

If you would like to opt out of receiving personalised advertising, visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Google AdMob Privacy Policy

Push Notifications – we use OneSignal to send out push notifications. They get a unique ID that identifies your phone, but there’s no way to use that to find out who you are.

OneSignal Privacy Policy

We'll periodically review what third-party systems we use in order to make sure you’re getting the best service.

Finally, you are our customer. We want to do everything we can to make sure any data you send to us is protected, and the best way to do that is not to store it at all.

All the best,
the Total Transit team